“Any ideas for the new park sculpture?”

“How about a giant, metallic octopus attacking a rook?”


that’s cool as fuck though

that’s not a rock it is a chess piece

it says “rook” darling

*reapplies to pre-K* *send apology macaroni art to fuckeverythingbecomeapirate*

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I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that Cersei Lannister was jealous of Brienne of Tarth,

Think about it. Beautiful, glamourous Cersei Lannister- the beauty of Casterly Rock, heart breaker, ball breaker, [ex] Queen Regent- is jealous of Brienne of Tarth. The woman who looks and fights like a man. A wench. 

She is jealous of Brienne because all the time that Jaime spent away from Cersei, he was with Brienne. She is jealous that Jaime saved Brienne’s life and maidenhood, something she’s never gotten from him (not needed to get, of course, but jealousy doesn’t see that), because saving someone’s life goes a lot deeper than loving or having sex. She is jealous that Brienne loves him- threatened by it, even.

I do believe that Cersei’s love for Jaime did, obviously, start out as an emotional thing. Granted their romantic relationship began with and was run by sex, but their feelings for each other were genuine- to a point. When Jaime leaves Cersei, he spends all of his time thinking about her- but Cersei quickly readjusts herself and finds a new sexual partner (multiple ones). What may have been true love for Jaime has been diminished for Cersei. Cersei has a tendency towards needing to control, and by emotionally playing Jaime, she has perfect control over him.

But I think the appearance of Brienne gives Cersei a pang of jealousy, because up until now she had Jaime all to herself. She could use him however she wanted, and he, having had no other partner, has no idea what any other love feels like- what an untainted love, built on respect and not on sex, feels like. Suddenly she has competition, and the competition- albeit the exact opposite of herself- has something that Cersei will never have again: pure, unadulterated love for Jaim9e Lannister. 




What the hell is the science side of tumblr




mark, my words. *mark brings me my dictionary* thank you mark



This photo is so important

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Queen Margaery - breaker of awkward moments.


i want to have degrees in everything. writing. acting. slaughtering men. video game design.




thanks joffrey